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"Todo para ti" Michael Jackson y Amigos

"What More Can I Give" - 'Todo Para Ti'
by Michael Jackson (Music and English Lyrics) & Ruben Blades(Spanish lyrics)

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What More Can I Give
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"What More Can I Give" (also "Todo Para Ti" in Spanish) is a song recorded as a charity single by Michael Jackson and more than 35 other artists, with the goal of raising $50 million for numerous charities in response to the September 11, 2001 attacks. A Spanish version was also recorded. Jackson was originally inspired to write the song after meeting with former South African president Nelson Mandela in 1999, and commented that the song was intended to "find solace in the wake of the attack on America and to create a sense of global unity in the face of mindless violence and mass murder."
The single was never released due to a conflict between Jackson and Sony Music. Sony believed the release would create a marketing conflict with Invincible, his then-new album. However, even months after Invincible's release, Sony still refused to release the single. This was one of several factors in Jackson's labelling Sony chief Tommy Mottola a "racist" who he believed had sabotaged the marketing of his new material, and thus announcing his withdrawal from Epic Records. While the song never saw proper retail release, a pay download was eventually made available via, the (now defunct) official site.
Sony, however, claimed that it was Jackson's own people that pulled the single from release because it was learned that the song's executive producer, Marc Schaffel, was a former director of gay pornography, and, thus, they did not want him to be associated with Michael Jackson or a charity-benefit single.
On October 21, 2001, the song was performed at a 9/11 benefit concert called United We Stand: What More Can I Give? held at RFK Stadium in Washington D.C.]The concert was the third major concert held in tribute to the victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks. The other two were held in New York City.
In October 2003, The making of the song was shown at the 2003 Radio City Music Awards, where Jackson was presented with a humanitarian award.

Todo Para Ti
by Michael Jackson & Ruben Blades

Cuantas personas se perderan y nadie protestar
Cuantos pequeños van a llorar
Un poco de amor
No hay mas que pedir
Para vivir

Cuantas miradas se esconderan pretiendo no saber
Que al mundo herido hay que ayudar y es de todos el deber

con una oracion y un poco de fé

Voy a dar todo para ti
Voy a dar todo para ti
Ayuda y abrigo
Abrazo de amigo
Amor para ti

Cunatos hermanos quel llanto

Todo sonido de corazon y la union nos salvara

Un poco de amor para ti para mi (yeaaaaah)
Para vivir .... (oooooh)

Voy a dar todo para ti
Voy a dar todo para ti
Ayuda y abrigo
Abrazo de amigo
Amor para ti

Llamame y yo vendré por ti

Hablame y te escuchare

Porque odiar asi
Cuando hay tanto, tanto que dar

Voy a dar todo para ti (voy a darlo todo)
Voy a dar todo para ti (todo para ti)
Ayuda y abrigo
Abrazo de amigo
Amor para ti (yeaaaaaah)

Voy a dar todo para ti (todo para ti, todo para ti)
Voy a dar todo para ti
(voy a dar todo para ti)
Ayuda y abrigo
Abrazo de amigo...............................Amor para ti

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