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Roles de Resurrección

¿Has escuchado del pan de resurrección?  Nosotros hemos hecho la receta de Galletas de Pascua, que es muy parecida a la idea que nos presenta Lacy. La idea es la misma, solo que la receta de los roles es más sencilla, lo cual puede ser muy apropiada para niños pequeñitos.
Para que veas cómo se hace, visita: 

 Resurrection Rolls Recipe And Story

Do you want to know how to make resurrection rolls? Resurrection rolls are fun, easy, and yummy! They resemble cinnamon rolls. We like to bake them on Holy Saturday and eat them for breakfast on Easter morning. I’m going to give you the recipe for resurrection rolls, and step by step directions on how to use them to teach your kids about the Easter story!

resurrection rolls recipe and story
Ingredients Needed To Make Resurrection Rolls:
  • Canned Crescent Rolls
  • 3 Tbs of Butter
  • Small bowl of Cinnamon/Sugar Mixture (3 Tbs sugar + 1 Tbs cinnamon)
  • 8 Large Marshmallows (or the number of crescent rolls you have)
  • Parchment Paper or aluminum foil
How To Make Resurrection Rolls:
Before beginning, melt your butter, preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Also, cover your pan in parchment paper or aluminum foil. (Because believe-you-me… those melted marshmallows are going to make some kind of a mess if you don’t!) ;-)
resurrection rolls story
Tell your children something like this (The Easter story you tell will vary depending on the age of the children you’re working with.)
“Jesus was completely perfect and pure. He never sinned or did anything wrong. Even so, there were some people who didn’t like him because he said he was God. The crucified him, and he died on the cross on Good Friday. It was very sad. A man named Joseph took his body down from the cross.”
Give them each a marshmallow. Then tell them:
“This marshmallow represents the body of Jesus. It is white because Jesus was pure from sin. Back during Jesus’ time, they prepared bodies for burial by putting special oils and spices on the body. The butter and the cinnamon-sugar represent these oils and spices.”
Have them dip the marshmallow first in the melted butter, and roll it around. Then, roll it in the cinnamon-sugar mixture.
the easter story for kids
“Next, they wrapped Jesus’ body in a white cloth, kinda like a mummy. We’re going to wrap up our marshmallows like Jesus’ body was wrapped in cloth.”
how to make resurrection rolls
Place the marshmallows on the crescent rolls, and wrap them up. Pinch all the seams shut as well as possible. They will look like dough balls when you’re finished.
resurrection rolls recipe
Now, place your rolls in the oven, and tell your kids:
“Then, they placed Jesus’ body in a tomb cut in stone. It was kind of like a cave. They sealed it with a big heavy rock so that no one could get in, and placed soldiers in front of the tomb to guard it!”
Bake the rolls for 10 to 12 minutes until they are golden brown. Before removing them from the oven, tell your kids:
“Jesus was in the tomb for 3 days, and then he rose from the dead!”
Remove the resurrection rolls from your oven. Some of the melted marshmallow probably escaped, but that’s ok, because you used parchment paper. ;-)
resurrection rolls for easter
Allow the rolls to cool for about 10 minutes before moving on.
baby with christmas tree
Now, you cut the roll in half to reveal that it’s empty inside! Then you tell your kids:
“When Jesus rose from the dead on the third day, the tomb was empty, just like our rolls are empty inside! It’s just like an empty tomb!”
resurrection rolls recipe and story for kids
Now, eat your resurrection rolls! Tell your kids:
“These rolls are sweet, just like the resurrection story! Jesus died to save us from our sins. He loves you very much!”
We have also made them out of peeps before, which makes for rainbow colors inside of your empty tomb! Check out the full directions for rainbow resurrection rolls here.
rainbow resurrection rolls for an Easter treat

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