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Sviraj (Lullaby- Canción de cuna) - Paul Schwartz. Aria 2

Paul Schwartz (born 1956) is music producer, composer, arranger, conductor and pianist. His music can be classified as a mixture of chillout and neo-classical. Basic elements are vocals, piano, violins and electronic samples. Schwartz one of the world's leaders in creating eloquently-spiritual, modern-classical music that fully integrates elements of both pop and new age.

Aria 2 - New Horizon is a musical project of the producer Paul Schwartz. It mixes famous operatic pieces with ambient and upbeat music. „Sviraj" (Lullaby) is a new song with lyrics in Croatian by Croatian-American songwriter, record producer, and composer Clair Marlo, who also sings.

Sviraj (Croatin lyrics)

More je sve
Dalje des te
Sunce je zima svaki dan
Srce na kriz
Dus a nemir
Dusico moja spava sam

Kazi me zas
Bog zeme vas
Zemi me, zemi - spavan vec
Ljubavi moj
Zivoti tvoj
Cekam te, cekam, nemog bes

Svijra, sviraj, srce moje sviraj se
Nimam, nimam zivot ako nimam te

Okrenin se
Ne zaboravim
Uvjek cu biti mate tvoj

Lullaby (English-language version of "Sviraj")

Softness and light
Drawn from my sight
Sun growing colder everyday
Soul with no rest drawn from my breast
Cry for my baby as I pray

How does the dark
Live in my heart
How can the oceans hold my tears
What will I find
What's left behind
Call to me baby, I will hear

Sweetly sweetly sing and I will follow you
Mother shelters child that's all I live to do

Dream of the soul
That wont forget you
Hear as I sing my lullaby

CD Name: Aria 2
Artist:Paul Schwartz
Cello Solo:Jonathan Williams
Album: New Horizon (1999)

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